basavanna biography – Basavanna information

basavanna biography – Basavanna information 

basavanna biography in English – Basavanna information In this article we will tell you about the biography of Basavanna. Basavanna created awareness in the society through his poetry. We can find many of his verses. Basavanna vehemently opposed such superstitious and discriminatory practices in the society. During Basavanna’s time Anubhava Mandapam was introduced to the public. This experience hall was a hall of spiritual experience where people were given the opportunity to discuss. Here women and men had equal rights.

Basavanna is said to be the founder of Lingayat according to several texts and stories we have got. He was a philosopher of Basavanna’s time. These can be found in several documents that we have. In the 13th century Telugu text Somanatha’s Basava Purana, we can find information about Basavanna’s life. Basavanna’s works can now be seen as vachana literature in Kannada.

basavanna biography

Early life information of Basavanna : basavanna biography – Basavanna information 

Basavanna was born in 1105 CE in a town called Basavanna Bagavadi in present day Karnataka. Basavanna’s father’s name is Madras and mother’s name is Madalambike. He originally belonged to the Brahmin caste. Basavanna grew up in his childhood in a place called Kudalasangama. This place is near Malaprabha river. Basavanna completed his childhood education in this town. He did traditional studies.

Later, Basavanna married a woman who was a relative of his mother. The name of Basavanna’s wife is Ganga BK. Ganga BKU Bija is the Prime Minister’s daughter. Basavanna then worked as a state auditor. When the maternal uncle of the king died, he invited Basavanna to become the chief minister of the state. Then King Vijnana married Basavanna’s sister.

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basavanna biography – Basavanna information : Basavanna was seen as the chief minister of the empire and able to run it. He also worked to identify the ascetics and empower them in society with the aim of reviving Shaivism. Later, Basavanna started an organization called Anvabha Mantapa in the 12th century to allow public meetings to discuss spiritual, economic and social issues freely in this place.

basavanna biography – Basavanna information

In this place women were given equal opportunity to discuss with men without any discrimination. Basavanna spread his message to the people by composing his poems in the vernacular in simple language. One of the poems he wrote is Kailasa, which we hear even today. Some of the works written by him are popular such as Kayakave Kailasa Ananda Swarga.

He started and inspired a devotional movement called Veeradhakaru of Shiva. Basavanna strongly despised the temple worships and rituals led by Brahmins. He supported devotional worship. He advocated a way of worshiping Shiva directly who performed lingadharanas. By this method all the castes were worshiped equally without any discrimination of gender or caste. Basavanna questioned several rituals.

Some of Basavanna’s poems are given below: basavanna information in english pdf

 “What can I do to build temples for Shiva?

 Does the poor man

My legs are the pillars and the body is the temple

Head gold cupola

Listen Swami Kudalasangam

Standing objects fall

But the move is forever”

He despised Basavanna’s rituals and encouraged him to constantly perform Shivanna Puja by wearing Ishta Linga, holding Rudrakshi seed in hand and wearing Vibhuti. Basavanna advocated that every person is equal in the society without caste discrimination. He asserted that all types of workers are equal.

 Basaveshwar’s anti-caste struggle : basavanna biography – Basavanna information 

He started the historic anti-caste movement for the first time in Karnataka. This movement was started by Basavanna. This movement is also known as Veerashaiva movement. He started this movement to remove the caste system and untouchability in the society.

Conclusion : basavanna biography – Basavanna information

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