Sangoli Rayanna information – Biography of Sangoli Rayanna

Sangoli Rayanna information – Biography of Sangoli Rayanna

Sangoli Rayanna information  – Sangoli Rayanna Biography Hello friends in today’s article we will provide complete information about Sangoli Rayanna. Sangolli Rayanna is one of the prominent freedom fighters of Karnataka. Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna was the right-hand man of Karnataka’s proud Queen Chennamma of Kittoor. Sangolli Rayanna fought against the British East India Company until his death.

Introduction of Sangolli Rayanna : sangoli rayanna personal life 

Sangoli Rayanna information – Sangoli Rayanna biography Krantiveera Sangoli Rayanna was born on 15 August 1796 and his place of birth is Bailahongala in Belgaum district. His father’s name is Baramappa and mother’s name is Kencha Majiya. He had a brother named Mayava. Sangolli Rayanna is known by historians as Krantiveera Rayanna Dhira Rayanna Vira Sangolli Rayanna from several folk plays.

 Sangolli Rayanna Achievements : Sangolli rayanna story

Sangolli rayanna story : The family of Sangolli Rayanna was famous since his grandfather Veerappa Desai was a scholar of Ayurveda even though he had performed amazing bravery in the war and earned the title of Thousand Camel Commander. His father was also a very adventurous person. Sangoli Rayanna information He used to kill the Hebbulis who were bothering the people in Kittur state. His house i.e. Garadimane in Sangolli is the most famous house.

Sangolli Rayanna was hanged on the gallows on 26 January 1831, which also happens to be India’s Republic Day. This day also marks the death of the most adventurous freedom fighter India has ever seen. Sangolli Rayanna was a great adventurer who fought the British all his life till his last day of death. The British tried him and sentenced him to death. Along with him, seven others were sentenced to death along with him. The remaining six were given life imprisonment. The names of the remaining six who were with him are Rudra Nayaka Ella Nayaka Appuji Rana Mojikonda Koneri and Nemanna.

Sangoli Rayanna information

 Details of struggle with British East India Company : Sangolli rayanna story 

Sangolli rayanna story Sangolli Rayanna started fighting against the British with Chennamma who was the queen of Kittur in the early days. Chennamma wanted to place her adopted son Shivalingappa on the throne. Because at that time the king of Kittur died. In the kingdom, the queen ruled the kingdom, not the heir. In spite of this, there was the cunning of the British. The British tried to take over this state through the Doctrine of Lapse.

Sangoli Rayanna information in kannada – ಸಂಗೊಳ್ಳಿ ರಾಯಣ್ಣ ಜೀವನ ಚರಿತ್ರೆ

Sangoli Rayanna information – Biography of Sangoli Rayanna

At last this empire comes under British rule. But the heir was not allowed to hand over power from the throne but the British took over the Kittoor kingdom by force. But the people of Kittur were not ready to accept this and Kittur Rani Chennamma was adamant that her kingdom should not be given to the greed of the British.

Sangoli Rayanna information

Sangolli rayanna story details The British had tried to take the throne by force. It was at this time that the War of Independence began. Sangolli Rayanna’s vine had a well trained army force. But he was defeated in this war. After losing the battle, Sangolli joined Rayanna’s heart. The British tried to conquer every area belonging to the Kittoor kingdom and levied heavy taxes on the areas which they could not conquer.Many movements with Sangolli Rayanna also caused a lot of economic losses to the British.

 Sangolli rayanna Essay – Essay on Sangolli Rayanna :

Sangolli rayanna jeevana charitre Sangolli Rayanna who waged guerilla warfare against the British became one of India’s first freedom fighters. Sangolli Rayanna was captured by the British in the revolt of 1824. He was later released. At this time, Sangolli Rayanna had a lot of hatred against the British. Sangolli Rayanna had started to strengthen his forces locally. Sangoli Rayanna information – Biography Sangoli Rayanna recruited local people into his army and started training them in warfare. These native forces went to the British offices and destroyed all the things and looted the treasuries. Rayanna bothered the British so much that the British made a big plan to capture Rayanna.

Sangolli rayanna death place – Sangolli rayanna death place

Sangolli rayanna history As they could not capture Sangolli Rayanna directly, the British tried to do a confidence-breaking job. As it turned out, Sangolli befriended Rayanna’s uncle Lakshmana Rayana and succeeded in capturing Rayanna. On January 26, 1831, Rayanna was buried in a banyan tree in Nandagad area. Rayanna fought till the last moment of his death. The last words he uttered in his dying moments were amazing, “I may die now but in a few days I will be born again and come back here for the people of my country freed from the evil rule of the British” These were the last words spoken by Rayanna before his death.

Information about Sangolli rayanna 

Information about Sangolli rayanna Although Rayanna sacrificed his life for the nation for freedom, he is recognized more in recent times. A statue of Sangolli Rayanna has been installed near the main railway station of Bangalore city. Sangoli Rayanna information – Biography of Sangoli Rayanna In 2015, this railway station was named after Sangoli Rayanna. Sangolli Rayanna’s freedom struggle and sacrifice for the next generation as a martyr is an inspiration to many. Rayanna’s love for his kingdom and people and his loyalty made him respected by all.


Some movies about Sangolli Rayanna have been released. The first of which was a biopic on Rayanna in 1967 and another Kannada biopic was released in 2012. The name of the movie is Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna and Darshan Thoogudeepa is seen in the lead role in this movie. Other artists like Jayaprada Nikita acted in the movie.

Conclusion : Sangoli Rayanna information

Sangoli Rayanna information In this article we have given complete information about the biography of Sangoli Rayanna. Hope you like this information. If you like this information, share it with your friends. Let us know in the comments which person should be mentioned in your article. thank you

FAQ : Sangoli Rayanna information

1. Where was Sangolli Rayanna born?

Sangolli Rayanna was born in a village called Sangolli in Bailahongla district.

 2. Rayanna’s mortal body is buried here?

The body of Sangolli Rayanna was buried at a place called Nanda Gada.

3. What is the name of Sangolli Rayanna’s adopted son?

Dutta son of Sangolli Rayanna’s name is Sivalingappa.

4. Why did the name Sangolli come about?

In earlier times it was common practice to keep place names along with their own names.

5. What is a revolutionary?

Krantiveera means Legendary Warrior.

6. Name of parents of Sangolli Rayanna?

Sangolli Rayanna’s father’s name is Bharamappa Roganna and mother’s name is Kenchavva Roganna.

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